100% Driven

Hulk percussion driven Earth Anchors. The first all Australian designed, developed and manufactured earth anchor of its kind.

Easy Installation

Installed with standard, commercially available equipment, HULK Earth Anchors offer fast, labour-saving, installation, with no digging or excavation required.

Ready for Immediate Use

With little to no soil disturbance, proof tested of anchors during installation, HULK Earth Anchors offer immediate, and verified holding capacity.

Anchoring for Every Application

The versatility of the HULK Earth Anchor system makes it a cost-effective earth anchoring solution for a wide range of industries and applications.

HULK Earth Anchors installed with an excavator for a new retaining wall.
  • HULK Earth Anchors are built with the very best raw materials that Australia has to offer, along with modern engineering, a supportive team, and extraordinary suppliers. The HULK Earth Anchor was born to be Simpler, Sleeker, Tougher, Faster, Stronger & 100% Driven.

    HULK Earth Anchors are built to the following Australian standards: AS1831, AS4680, AS1666, and AS2076. It’s the unique HULK Hard Armour coating, which gives the anchors, three times the corrosive resistance over competing products’ traditional hot dip galvanising methods.

    Most importantly HULK Earth Anchors are backed 100% by an Australian manufacturer and distributor network. HULK is now a world leader in percussion earth anchoring and size for size, is 60% stronger than other drive anchors, allowing higher holding capacities in suitable ground conditions.

Recent Projects

HULK Earth Anchors get to the core of any challenge.
Learn about the latest projects grounded with HULK.

Proudly Manufactured in Australia

Hulk Earth Anchors are proudly manufactured in Australia by Anchoring Rope and Rigging Pty Ltd