Hulk Earth Anchors

What is an Earth Anchor?

A HULK Earth Anchor is a geotechnical anchor designed for holding tensile loads. HULK Earth Anchors can also be referred to as ground anchors, mechanical anchors, or more specifically, percussion anchors, driven anchors, or tipping plate anchors.

HULK Earth Anchors are a revolutionary anchoring technology providing time and labour saving installations of anchored solutions. Working like toggle bolts in soil, HULK Earth Anchors are driven to their required depth after which an upward pull on the anchor tendon rotates the anchor head in the ground into a perpendicular anchor locked position. When using a HULK Proof Tester for anchor locking, the earth anchor is simultaneously tested to the desired holding capacity, allowing for an anchor installation of known holding capacity which is ready for immediate use.

Installation demonstration oh Hulk Earth Anchor, showing the process of driving the anchor into the ground, locking it in place, and proof testing it.

The HULK Earth Anchor Concept

  1. Drive the HULK Earth Anchor:
    Using readily available, conventional tools and equipment, drive the HULK Earth Anchor into the ground with a reusable Hulk Smasher Rod.
  2. Remove the Smasher Rod:
    Once the HULK Earth Anchor is driven to the required depth, remove the HULK Smasher Rod.
  3. Proof Test:
    Anchor Lock the HULK Earth Anchor while simultaneously proof testing to the required capacity.

No Digging or Excavation!

HULK Earth Anchors are driven into the ground, not augered or torqued. No digging or excavation is required for installation, and no concrete or grout is required to set the anchor into position. As a result there is no disturbance, or displacement to the surrounding soil, providing a safe and environmentally friendly anchoring solution.

HULK Earth Anchor Advantages:

  • Instant point of anchoring.
  • Fast, easy, and reliable installation.
  • No digging or excavation.
  • No soil disturbance.
  • Superior holding capacity.
  • Proof tested during installation.

Anchoring for every application

Hulk Earth Anchors are active mechanical anchors that offer significant economic advantages and represents a major breakthrough in soil anchoring technology. They are clever devices with a multitude of uses in many industry sectors including:

HULK Earth Anchors retrospectively installed to reinforce a failing retaining wall.

Civil Engineering and Construction:

  • Anchoring retaining walls
  • Excavation shoring
  • Anchoring guyed structures
  • Gabion support
  • Sea Walls
HULK Earth Anchors used to anchor winches for conductor stringing on a new power line.

Utility and Communications:

  • Power poles
  • Communications towers
  • Solar farms
  • Weather Stations
  • Pipelines
HULK Earth Anchors installed to support trellised crops


  • Crop protection
  • Greenhouses
  • Shade structures
  • Trellised crops

Hulk Earth Anchors are perfect for securing your assets during cyclones, floods and earth quakes and come with a complete range of fittings and fixtures for this application. Various tendon formats are available ranging from steel wire ropes to mild steel bars and industry approved CTB rods used in civil markets. In addition a range of pre-assembled anchoring kits are available for applications including portable buildings and structures, antennae, tree guying, anti-theft and pipeline anchoring.

With over 27 years of industry experience in this specialised field the people behind HULK Earth Anchors have engineered the anchor in hindsight using years of research and know-how to develop a range of anchors that is stronger and more efficient than anything else we have previously manufactured.

For more information on how HULK can be used on your project, contact your nearest distributor or AR+R on 1300 692 626.