Shipping Container Dome Structure anchored with HULK Earth Anchors for protection against Cyclones and strong winds.

HULK Earth Anchor Tie-Down Anchors offer superior protection for your assets against unwanted movement caused by Cyclones, Floods, Earthquakes, or by any other means. HULK Earth Anchors are a fast and efficiently installed ground anchor system. HULK Earth Anchors are easily installed with commercially available equipment, with no digging, soil disturbance or holes required.

HULK Earth Anchors are proof tested during installation and ready for immediate use, offering substantial time and cost saving advantages when compared to other solutions.

    • Fast installation using readily available equipment.
    • No digging or excavation.
    • Proof tested during installation.
    • Immediate holding capacity.
    • Environmentally friendly.
    • No Concrete blocks or curing time.

Secure Your Structure in 3 Steps with HULK Earth Anchors

  1. Drive the anchor into the ground with a HULK Smasher Rod. This can be done by hand, or with powered equipment such as jackhammers or excavators with mounted breakers.
  2. Set the anchor with an upward pull on the anchor tendon. If specified loads are required a calibrated jack, such as the HULK PT45 or PT150 can set the anchor while simultaneously proof testing the anchor to the required load.
  3. Connect the anchor to the structure. HULK Earth Anchors have a range of anchor tendon and connection options to secure your assets.

Tie Down Applications

Use HULK Earth Anchors to:

  • Tie Down Portable Buildings & Structures / Demountables
  • Tie Down Shipping Containers
  • Secure Site equipment
  • Tie Down Portable toilets
  • Secure Light Aircraft
  • Provide Buoyancy Control for Water tanks
  • Stabilise Scaffolding
  • Tie Down Sheds
  • Secure Caravans
  • Anchor Marquees
  • Anchor Dome structures and shelters
  • And more…

HULK Earth Anchor Assembly

A HULK Earth anchor assembly consists of three main components:

  1. The HULK Earth Anchor Head

    These are available in a range of sizes to suit various ground conditions and holding capacities. Starting as small as the HP25 with a 5kN tensile strength, up to the HG320 with an ultimate strength of 280kN

  2. The Anchor Tendon

    Various anchor tendon options are available from including Wire Rope, Chain, CTB Bar. The tendon used will be determined by the load required and the design life of the installation.

  3. Connection Accessories

    HULK Earth Anchors offer a wide range of termination accessories to connect the anchor tendon to the structure needing anchoring.

HULK Earth Anchor Assemblies and Kits

HULK Earth Anchors are available in a range of pre-assembled application specific kits to anchor various assets. These kits come complete with the Hulk Earth Anchor head, anchor tendon and termination accessories. These HULK Earth Anchor kits have been specially designed for their application, offering a complete anchoring system with an assembly load rating and design life.

View our range of Tie Down Anchoring Kits below:


Portable Building Tie-Down Anchor Assemblies

HULK Earth Anchors offer a variety of anchor assemblies to suit your portable building tie down project requirements.

HULK Portable Building tie down anchor kits are available in configurations with varying holding capacities and design lives from short and mid-term applications to permanent installations.

Backed by years of anchoring experience HULK Earth Anchors provide the best anchoring and tethering solutions to protect your portable buildings from cyclone, flood and earthquake damage.


Portable demountable building, anchored with HULK Earth Anchors to prevent unwanted movement during cyclones or strong wind.

Shipping Container Tie Down Anchor Kits

Lashing over the top of the container, anchoring with container twist lock brackets, or tying down with weld on lugs.

Whether you need a temporary tie down solution or a permanent anchoring solution, the HULK Earth Anchor range of Shipping Container Anchoring kits and accessories will prevent any unwanted movement of your shipping containers.

Shipping Container anchored with HULK Earth Anchors shipping container earth anchor kit

Portable Toilet Tie Down Kit

Use HULK Earth Anchor portable toilet tie-down kits to provide an instant anchoring solution for the tie down of portable toilets. The easily installed tie-down anchors provide superior holding capacity preventing the unwanted movement or tipping over of portable toilets as a result of adverse weather conditions, vandalism, and pranks.

HULK Earth Anchor preassembled hire toilet anchor kits save time and money by reducing unnecessary return visits to the site for clean up or toilet replacement and reduce the risk of injury as a result of unwanted toilet movement.

Portaloo or Portable Toilet, anchored with HULK Earth Anchors portable toilet tie down anchor kit

Light Aircraft Tie Down Kits

Light aircraft tied down to prevent unwanted movement during strong winds, anchored with HULK Earth Anchors light aircraft tie-down anchor kit

General Purpose Tie Down Anchors

Water tank anchored with Hulk Earth Anchors to prevent unwanted movement. Bouyancy Control, Cyclone Anchoring.

Need help finding a suitable HULK Earth Anchor tie-down kit for your project? contact your nearest distributor or AR+R on 1300 692 626.