Arial photo of trees planted on a rooftop anchored with HULK Earth Anchor underground tree kits

HULK Earth Anchor tree kits, designed and manufactured by Anchoring Rope and Rigging, have been developed to provide a complete range of tree anchoring solutions to suite various tree sizes, and installation methods. With above and below ground options, HULK Earth Anchor tree kits offer immediate use anchoring technology to stabilise and secure newly planted trees.

HULK Earth Anchor tree kits offer ease of use, speed of installation, and cost-effective tree anchoring solutions. Manufactured to the highest standards, HULK Earth Anchor Tree Kits are the preferred solution for anchoring newly planted trees in any environment.

Selecting the right HULK Tree Anchoring Kit

The current standard, AS 2303:2015, provides a guide for contractors selecting trees to determine whether a tree meets specification before it is planted. It gives buyers a way to check for obvious quality problems over different parts of the tree as well as ensuring that the tree’s root ball and shoots have the right proportions. This measure is known as the Size Index and is like the Body Mass Index that is used to check a person’s weight range. To choose the right HULK tree kit for the job it is necessary to understand the Size Index.


HULK Earth Anchors provide an easy-to-follow guide to assist in selecting the right size tree kit for your application. If you would like to receive a copy of this guide, please complete the request form below:


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